Pallet Wood Christmas Trees

I have always loved doing craft projects but now that Pinterest is available I have been inspired to create more often.   My  most favorite thing to do is to create with others.  Last winter I invited a few ladies to my house to do some "Pinterest Projects."  We all brought some ideas and the supplies we needed to make them.  We made bath salts, sugar scrubs, painted glass jars, and several other Pinterest ideas.  The idea came to me because I saw that several of my friends were repinning many of the things that I had pinned and I had done the same to them.  This idea continued throughout the year and into the summer and my Pinterest Pals and I had several Project Days.  (You can see some of our ideas in other blog posts.)

I pinned these amazing Pallet Christmas Trees and my friend Jennifer spotted them and repinned them.  She took it one step further and scheduled a Project/Craft day with several ladies.  Her amazing husband prepped all of the pallet wood for us and had it cut to size.  

I had several people ask me about the trees after they saw them on Facebook so I decided I would include some photos and some tips for others that might want to give this project a try.

Photo by
Here is a quick picture of my trees before they were finished.

You will need:
Pallet wood cut to size
Nail gun with nails
Mod Podge and foam brushes
Napkins and/or tissue paper
Wooden star
Chalk paint or milk paint and brushes
Wood glue
Piece of wood to attach the pallet wood to (becomes the "trunk of the tree")
Sand Paper (optional)

Pallet Wood Trees (use this link for wood measurements and additional tips)

After the pallet wood has been cut to size you will attach it to the long piece of wood that becomes the trunk then you will be ready for some decorating.  We used wood glue and a nail gun to attach the pallet pieces to the trunk.

To decorate we used napkins and tissue paper.  Tear the tissue paper or napkin a little smaller than the "branch" you are covering.  If you are using two ply napkins then separate the decorative layer from the plain layer.  This will make your napkin more transparent.  Use Mod podge and a foam brush to adhere the napkin or tissue to the branch.  Apply a light coat of Mod Podge to the branch and then carefully press the napkin or tissue over it.  Then paint over the top of it again.  The napkin or tissue will be wet and this is good because it will look more transparent when it dries.  The Mod Podge will dry clear.  Choose a few branches to cover with a variety of patterns.  

We used chalk paint for the colored branches.  Everyone brought different brands and we found that that if we watered them down a little that they were more transparent.  I even wiped some of the white off after I painted it on because it was a little bit bold for me.  We also sprinkled a little glitter on some of them.

My trees are not quite finished so I will post a new picture when they are. I still need to add my wood star and my buttons for ornaments.  

If you have made these trees and have some additional tips or photos to share, please add them to the comments section.