Saturday, April 27, 2019

I have been a bit absent from my blogging for a year or so.  When I am crafting or cooking the thought constantly goes through my mind that I should be putting things here for you all to see.  I am pledging to you today that I will post more frequently.  I love to share recipes and cooking tips. Sometimes I even take the step by step photos to share and then life happens and my blogging tasks get put by the wayside.  I have lots of craft ideas and tips and to share and again, I allow life to stop me.

When I say "life happens" what I mean is that I choose time with grandkids and other family, time to craft with friends, working with pictures and in my scrapbooks.  I even completed several quilts over the last few years. Quilting has been a life goal of mine so this was a major step for me. I am a complete novice quilter but I am happy with my finished projects and thankful for friends that are experts that have shared their skills with me.  Stay tuned... More to come...

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