Today's adventures included setting up an Etsy shop.  This is something that I have been wanting to do for a few years.  I made my first listing!

Rustic Summer Wood Sign made with reclaimed wood, metal flower and SUMMER letters.

This SUMMER sign was created using a rustic piece of reclaimed wood.  I believe the wood was once a fence board!  It was weathered perfectly so my husband sanded it down a little to clean it up and then I added the SUMMER letters that I painted.  I painted them using Amy Howard Indian Summer Blue One Step Paint.  The wood is 18.5"x5.5".  The metal flowers and the SUMMER letters came from Joann's Crafts.  The sign also includes a hanger on the back.  I love creating items using reclaimed wood and mixed media.  The cute lantern you see is from Goodwill.  It is actually missing the bottom piece but the color matched the sign and it looked pretty cute sitting on the rustic old ladder sitting on my front porch (long enough to take a few photos!)

Thanks for taking time to check out my listing on Etsy Listing.  Stay tuned for more items for sale and some DIY ideas!