Taco Soup

I served up this delicious taco soup at an event yesterday.  It is always a hit.  I told the others at the event that I would post it to my blog so, here it is!  For this batch I used fresh garden tomatoes instead of my home-canned tomatoes. I quartered about 6 pounds of tomatoes.  I also used 2 bell peppers and a couple of hot peppers straight from the garden.  This recipe is a family favorite!
photo by thesavvymiddlesister.com


  1. This soup is very flavorful. It was great to take to a friend who just had surgery. I also plan to make it for our staff in the New Year. Thanks, Cori!

    1. This is a great recipe to share. It is my "go-to" recipe when I need a potluck meal or when I am hosting an event in my home! It is great that you were able to share it.


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